About Me

Hello! My name is Christina Nutting and I am serving as a Volunteer for the Peace Corps in Kosovo, Europe. I left Texas for staging in DC on May 30th, arrived in Kosovo on June 2nd, was placed with my Pre-Service Training host family on June 6th, and Swore In / moved to my permanent site on August 10th.

I was born and raised in Georgetown, TX and graduated from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX in May 2017 with a degree in Elementary Education.

I adore working with children, learning about different cultures, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone; hence why I decided to join the Peace Corps.

With this blog, I hope to have something substantial I can look back at after my service, have a means of keeping my family and friends back home updated throughout my service, and, hopefully, help at least one person grow an appreciation for this young and unique country.