About Me

Hello! My name is Christina Nutting and I will be serving as an Education volunteer for the Peace Corps in Kosovo, Europe. I will be departing for staging in DC on May 30th and arriving in Kosovo on June 2nd.

I was born and raised in Georgetown, TX and graduated from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX in May 2017 with a degree in Elementary Education.

I adore working with children, learning about different cultures, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone; hence why I decided to join the Peace Corps.

My main goal with this blog is to have something substantial that I can look back at after my service. I also want to keep friends and family updated throughout my service, at their convenience, of course. Maybe I’ll think of more goals when I’m actually over there and actually begin my service. But these are my only ones right now.

Side note: my parents really wanted me to name my blog Christina in Pristina (Kosovo’s capital), but I had to explain to them that I won’t be placed in Pristina during my service. It really is a great name though.